April 20, 2015

Meeting Type: 
Regular Meeting

Members present Dawn Newnum, Alan Ader, George Waltz, Dale Barnes, Vic Fields, Donna Lowdermilk, Janna Scott, Gayle Cole,  Greg Harbison, Mark Spelbring, Freda Collings and guest Lawrence(Larry Williams).

The meeting opened by normal procedure. Dawn reported our service hours for the past 2 weeks 32.5 and 29 for a total of 61.5 hours.

Dawn reminded us of Dr Dubeys visit next week, highway cleanup 6 Rotarians and 25 bags of trash, Interact lunch when we had lunch meeting at Rockville high school with 29 students and 13 Rotarians.

Mike Ruark was not with us so we did not  see if we were smarter than a 5th grader.    However we were all Happy

Alan Ader gave us a summary of his Florida Rotary visits.  The clubs he visits are very similar to our club as far as projects and size.  Alan stepped up to the plate and gave a talk on Mike Ruark's recent visit to Haiti.

Lawrence (Larry) Williams has been proposed member by Judy Brook and  his membership was approved by the board subject to club approval.  If any member knows of any reason why he should not be approved please contact Dawn Newnum within 10 days of notice.

Mon, 04/20/2015